Posted by: David McKay | July 7, 2012

A Sea-change…

I made a comparison today:

The slob sitting life out on the couch smoking and drinking, playing video games and watching mainstream television bullshit eating processed foods and Monsanto GMO chemicals is the same as the rich person buying up material crap, hiding in penthouses and McMansions behind locked doors and individually wrapped lives, constantly busy busy busy with no time to give to the simple needs of living, hiding their fear, unable to cope with reality.

They are both in denial. They are both contributing to the destruction of our world through apathy and selfishness.

One feeds off the other, and around it goes…

I believe that the people that are ruining this planet know that they are. How they live with themselves is easy to figure out – they cannot come to terms with their own weaknesses, and so they opt out. But, really, their weaknesses are quite simple. It boils down to just one – they are human.

We, as humans, are in the process of waking up – as a species.

It is time. To make a change. Before it is too late.

I challenge you to stop what you are doing and think about how you can do it better.

That is all. Just do it better…

Take some responsibility for more than just yourself.

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Reimagine.


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  1. You could apply this advice to anyone in any situation. Well said, David.

  2. Excellent advice for us all!

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