Posted by: David McKay | July 6, 2012

Plastic World.

I don’t know what to write anymore.

The world is going to shit. Plastic is everywhere. It is all pervading. It is invasive. I hate it, but I have resigned myself to a plastic world…

Record heat wave. Fukushima. The 1% ruining it for the other 99%. The Alberta Tar Sands. Polar bears. Politicians being bought by corporations. Money=speech. Gulf Oil Spill. 30,000 indigenous people suing Chevron in a trial lasting years and years and years. Mountains being blown up for coal. Oceans being depleted of their fish. Forests being chopped down. Species by the hundreds being annihilated. Austerity. A war on drugs. A war on terror. Our educational system being underfunded and decimated and our military spending always being maintained. It goes on and on and on…

And for what?

My daughter will inherit a world ruined by the powerful elite for their short-sighted greed.

I just changed my mind – I am not resigned to the fate of the world at the hands of the incompetent. To hell with that.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: we need a sea-change, an uprising, a new way as a species to survive and to live in the world. We are not separate; we are a part of a whole.

I am not going to give up. I will continue to work towards something better in the face of great odds. How about you? What are you standing up for?

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Reimagine.




  1. Yes! Do not give up. When people like you and Kate (Kate’s Considered Life) and Beth (My Plastic-free Life) and Bernie Sanders and all of us working for the good of the whole give up, they win. And when they win, everyone loses…everything…a clean ocean, fresh air, non-toxic food, trust in our communities, hope….everything. (Remember the heart is a muscle the size of a fist. Keep loving, keep fighting.)

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