Posted by: David McKay | March 30, 2012

Impending Fatherhood!

I am about to have a child.  41 days from now, give or take…

I suspect I will not be writing too much soon…

Not gonna start a baby blog, I’ll tell you that much.

However, if I do write soon, I believe that I might criticize the current power structure and what they are doing to ensure the well-being of the next generation — in regards to their health and education;

I might write about the lack of transparency in our government;

I might write about the lack of awareness that the majority of people have regarding the well-being of our planet…

Our Planet!

I am about to have a child.  I just turned 43 years old.

If you think I made this decision lightly, you don’t know me.  I know that there are whole races of people that have chosen to die rather than continue to live on this planet that we are in the process of fucking up.


The above was written nine days ago.  The countdown continues… 32!

And I think again of the future.  What parent does not consider the future?  I thought again of the seventh generation.  My blog has a search box, so I entered “seventh” and it took me to this:

“Our leaders were instructed to be men of vision and to make every decision on behalf of the seventh generation to come; to have compassion and love for those generations yet unborn. We were instructed to give thanks for All That Sustains Us.”

~ Haudenosaunee Faithkeeper, Chief Oren Lyons addressing delegates to the United Nations Organization, in opening remarks for “The Year of the Indigenous Peoples” (1993) in the United Nations General Assembly Auditorium, United Nations Plaza, New York City, December 10, 1992.

I challenge those parents out there that might be reading this: take a step towards making that seventh generation welcome on this planet, before it’s too late.

Baby steps are okay.  That’s how we all start out…

But we have to start.

It’s been a while since I added some music.  Here’s a parting shot: One Voice, by The Wailin’ Jennys…

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Reimagine.




  1. did you vote in the primary?

  2. Hey, David!!! Congrats to you and Liza – I hope you are all doing well!! For me, this was the hardest time before the baby’s arrival…you can’t wait to meet this little one and it’s hard to keep your mind occupied as you wait with great anticipation! I hope you have things to keep you busy and take some time to reflect on your last days together without another to join you!

    Didn’t know your birthday passed – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m about to turn 40 in a few weeks…hard to believe 40 years have gone by! When I became a mom, I really realized how quickly the time goes.

    Such a beautiful song you posted! Here’s one for you guys:

    Sending all of our best wishes for all of you and will miss you, but know you are doing such important things! Can’t wait to hear the good news of the baby’s arrival!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Thanks, Kate! I will try to keep writing – it’s important to me, and for the next generation. There are changes coming for this world, and I will keep trying to make those changes positive… having you in my corner sure is good for that!

  3. Also (in case you didn’t see it yet), Anna Cummins from 5 Gyres is pregnant and IS starting a baby blog, of the plastic-free variety:

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