Posted by: David McKay | October 27, 2011

A New Category: The Rant

This is a bona fide rant.  I have not done a whole lot of that lately, and not much at all on this blog.

Some friends of mine had a miscarriage just recently.  It was their first time trying to make a baby, and only just a few months after my first attempt to actually have a baby.  I hope to have the great fortune of being a father in just about six more months.  It is one hell of a thing.

So, to have those friends be in a state where sorrow takes center stage is not an easy thing.

To be in a place, the place I am in now, of being on the cusp, the edge, the verge, of so much joy and beauty, hope and wonder, is a humbling feeling.

It puts my life into perspective.  My heart aches for their sorrow.  I feel tears well up within me.

And I ask myself, “Me?”


“How you doin’ these days?”

“Me?  Oh, I’m effin’ great.  I can barely get enough food to eat, much less my sweetie who’s bearing my child within her belly; between the two of us we just shelled out a grand and then some on our fossil fuel burning vehicles, and heaven knows how I’d get along without mine, and now I have to figure out where the rent is coming from.  Student loans?  Don’t get me started!”

“Cry me a river.”

“Hey, you’re the one asking.”

I have faith in myself, in my people – those that I surround myself with, that choose to accept me and love me, and me, them.  Family.  I have family.  I do not know what the future holds, but I know that with each day that passes, my bonds with my community are growing.

My community extends beyond these hills in Vermont.  They have gone beyond borders drawn on maps.  My community encompasses the world.

We planted almost 240 garlic cloves today.  In the soil out behind the house.  Those future plants will provide, not just me and mine with garlic, but also for my extended family – those people in my world around me.

I know people that grow more food than they need because – as I am beginning to see for myself – they can.  They are not doing this out of greed, or for selfish gains.


What perspective does a multi-millionaire have for someone living below the poverty line?  How do things like money and the monetary system and the role of our government play their parts in the definition of community?

What does it mean to belong to a country, with its systems of beliefs, with its ideologies?

Why are we all doing the things we are doing?

I have to ask those in charge of the dominating factors of existence – the financial institutions, the despots, the tyrants, the manipulators of wealth and power – what does it benefit the global community to continue down the path you have chosen for yourselves?

Selflessness.  The newest word in my dictionary.

I have a few other words in that book I have been building.

Words like:

Responsibility.  Kaitiaki.  Quality.  Respect.

There’s this kid I know.  Been getting slowly written off for most of his life by various people along the way.  Not me.  I can make a difference to that human being in a positive way.  In doing so, I will step out beyond my own selfish borders.  Not for any personal benefit.  Not for any short-term goals.  I will do so merely for the hopes that I can help that child grow up to be a good person.

I have been following the Boycott Wall Street protests.  Corporate greed.  The inequality of life.  I am not complaining, and I don’t think that the protesters are complaining.  I think it is more like they are just saying, “Hey, look at this.  Your short-sighted greed has finally reached a point where we, the people, must say something about it.  We need a change.”

I started with a simple desire to eliminate plastic from my life as much as I can.  That plastic grocery bag has taken me all the way around the globe; to discovering the injustices being committed by those wielding power; to the profound joys and sorrows of what it is like to live in a community.

At the Copenhagen Climate Summit just two years ago, there was one protest sign that really resonated with me.  It said: “There is no Planet B.”  I am doing what I can, on a local level, as a neighbor and a friend, to make life good and decent.  It is my hope that like a pebble in a pond, my ripples will be felt, that I will make a difference.

Okay.  Rant winding down.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend. There is so much sadness out there. As I got closer to having my son I remember feeling so sensitive to all the loss people have around their children.

    There is no planet B. That’s the best one yet.
    No plan B.

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