Posted by: David McKay | September 20, 2011

Just a Little Social/Political Commentary…

So, it started with plastic bags.  At the grocery store.  Now?  Way past that on some days.  Like today.

I read the news.  A couple of sources — BBC, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times (until they cut me off for reading too much for free), the Guardian, facebook, some other places…  twitter (do you know how to use twitter for a news source?).  I look around.  I see something that grabs my interest.  I read it.  Then I read some more.  And I connect dots.

This afternoon, I found a couple of dots.  Two pieces from the BBC about (1) the global economy and (2) social unrest in the United States.  Separately,  the news pieces are about two different things.  But combined, they reflect a growing sense of what our society is doing.  It’s nothing new; there were ancient civilizations that did the same thing — the Romans, the Anasazi.  Empires fall, eventually.  Only, now we’re talking about an entire planet.

We have allowed the power to become controlled by just a few.  They don’t want to share. They blind us to their short-sighted greed.

So… we become unrestful.  Restless.  Why?  The system that we have been taught to have a belief in is failing us.  The people that we thought we could trust have become so distanced from us that they no longer represent us, and quite simply, they can no longer be trusted to represent us.

I am not sure what else to say.  Maybe just this: slow down; use less; love more.

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse.


Thanks for reading!



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