Posted by: David McKay | August 4, 2011

If it’s important to you — keep saying it…

I have realized that if I do not keep reminding people about the things that I care about, my stories grow old…

What do you care about?  Who have you told lately?

I hope that you have told someone you care about how much you love them…

I hope that you have told someone how much you care about what you love…

I was reminded by the repetitions in this song — Nightswimming, sung by Ingrid Michaelson — how important it is to make a message truly be memorable…

I will repeat myself:

Life is not convenient, it’s necessary.  Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Please tell someone — anyone, really — what you care about.  Take it beyond yourself.  Put yourself in the shoes of the planet — the oceans, the forests, the very space where we all are in the vast existence of a universe…

Slow down.  Start thinking.  Do it well…  How can you make it better?  Not for yourself, but for everything…  You are not who you are without everything else.

So.  I love this world.  Help me make it better.  Thanks…

Oh!  I almost forgot — go nightswimming when you can, every chance you can…





  1. David,
    I can’t tell you how happy I am that your post popped up in my e-mail today on my first day back on the computer for a while after a brief and unexpected illness that has kept me thinking about the very things you write about! And so, the circle continues….
    While I was recovering, I spent time thinking about a little guy who inspired me so much with his message, Mattie Stepanek. He repeated his message of peace everywhere he went, over and over, through words, actions and a lot of beautiful poetry. He called what he felt in his heart that came out in words ‘Heartsongs’ and this is what he once wrote about them: “Some people have talents in sports or humor or academics. Other people have talents in service or patience or nurturing. Still others have the gift of using words to shape a message….That is how I share my Heartsongs – through words….if a person cannot hear their own Heartsong because life has been too loud or dark or difficult for their spirit, then we should offer to let them borrow our Heartsong until their own is reawakened.”
    Thank you for sharing your Heartsongs and reawakening mine.

    • Thanks, Kate! I always appreciate what you have to say…

  2. Thank you. That was right on. Oh, and I do go nightswimming every chance I get.

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