Posted by: David McKay | April 4, 2011


How do you live?  How do you want to live?  What do you believe in?

Here’s the simple truth:

I ran out of plastic wrap or whatever the hell it’s called about six months ago.

You know what?  How do I put this politely?  Um… I do not even think about it.

I will let you in on a secret: You don’t need it!

Just stop buying it.


I save leftovers in glass jam jars with lids, in bowls with plates on top of them.  I buy food that grows out of the ground, and then I eat it.

I have cut down on my plastic intake.  It takes time, it does.  But it’s okay — you just need to start thinking about it.  And you also need to tell people that you are thinking about it.  Talk about it — it is something that needs talking about.

Make a ripple…

I don’t mean to light a fire under your ass about that whole “time” thing, but, um… we really need to get a move on…

Just sayin’…

Responsibility in not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.



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