Posted by: David McKay | March 31, 2011

No plastic bag for me — now what about you?

The young women working the register at my corner store know that I don’t need a bag.  They know that I made a New Year’s Resolution fifteen months ago.  I don’t talk about it too often; I just mention it once in a while.  They think it’s kind of cool, and as they say, “Have a nice day,” I see their eyes glaze over as they look towards the next customer, their hands automatically opening the next plastic bag with a gesture that would give me nightmares if I had to do that all day long.

I want to stand there at the register and question every single customer as to why they really need a bag and why can’t they bring their own?

I want to tell them, “You know it’s only been a short period of time in the span of human existence that bags were even available at corner stores.  In fact, it’s hasn’t been all that long in the annals of human existence that there have been corner stores.  Can’t you just this once say — No bag for me, thanks!”

One year.  I have been talking about this for one year.  Now what?  I think I need to get back to the feeling I had in those initial posts — back when I was not so jaded and cynical about all of this.  Maybe Milo has it right when he says that if we just focus on the little detail, we can make changes.

Ripples.  Everything ripples.  Cause and effect.  Push and pull.

So, I guess my first plan would be to target the local business — my corner store — and make an attempt to change the world around me.

It’s easy to just not think about things.

To make a change?  To make a difference?  That’s huge!  And, it is as simple as saying, “No bag for me, thanks.”

Be responsible.

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Rethink.  Refuse.



  1. 🙂

  2. I want to do the exact same thing!! The store that I shop at regularly doesn’t have plastic bags (woot!)… but when I have to run into the BIG chain grocery store I am always eyeing the plastic bags… I think I would like to be a bagger for a day… just to educate people.

    Also, love that you posted this because yesterday I wrote my Senator about his sponsorship to repeal the plastic bag ban in the NC Outer Banks. I’ve made it accessible to everyone in hopes that more people will choose to write him. Here’s the link if you’re interested: I may post it on my blog as well… hmmm…

    thanks for an awesome post!

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