Posted by: David McKay | March 30, 2011

Part 4: Still lost, but not so much anymore, thanks for askin’.

It has been a year to the day that I started this blog.

What do I have to show for it?

I have this:

I have been stuffing plastic into the bottom right-hand kitchen cupboard for the past year by opening the door really fast and throwing the plastic object in there as quick as I can!  Tonight I decided to see what I had.

It’s not all of the plastic I have acquired this year, but it’s most of it.

I suppose I will do a tally, and weigh it.  It’s part of the experiment, right? (Um — what experiment?)

More tomorrow — I’m gonna need some coffee for this…

Be responsible.

p.s. Oh, I also have some really wonderful people that I have met along the way, and some beautiful friends and family who have encouraged me on my path towards wherever the hell I am going, not to mention my cat, Scootch MaGootch (why he should get any credit at all is beyond me, but there you have it)…


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