Posted by: David McKay | March 26, 2011


My latest post — I mentioned connections.

That is what life is all about, isn’t it? Everything can be connected. It’s that simple: Everything can be connected. Everything is connected.

I want to go off about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon and I want to tell you all about this game I started playing on youtube where you begin with Justin Bieber’s song, Baby, and only clicking on the videos listed down the right-hand side you have to get as far away from him as possible (why wouldn’t you?) in just twelve moves and how I ended up watching traffic in India and about the job I got a few days ago because some people I know know some people they know and there you go…


Everything is connected. That’s the web of life.

I want to go off about all of the people in this world who are trying to disconnect from it (the world) through the manipulation of artificial systems that are not accepting of the fact that everything is connected and how we are all just letting it happen without any clear idea of what we can possibly do to make it all better and I would have to say that the words I write at this very moment are words that are hopefully connecting coherent thoughts together…

And maybe some people with other people…

People that know me know, if anything, two things about me. The first — is that I love swimming holes! And the second? World Cup Soccer!



Soccer is just that simple — people working together to make connections in such a way that it is simply pure. I sigh… body relaxing, worries draining away, no concerns about the torments of life weighing me down, the lightness of being, just being, as I create such a joy in my heart anticipating the next…


Here, for your viewing and listening pleasure is what I have been calling my “Student Teaching Theme Song” — thanks in large part to the eleven and twelve year old children I have shown this to numerous times (per their request, but don’t think that I didn’t get them hooked on it) for their viewing and listening pleasure..

And thanks to you for reading…


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