Posted by: David McKay | March 24, 2011

(Say something positive, say something positive, say something positive…)

I got a bumper sticker in the mail yesterday, from someone I have never met:

It’s going on the bumper tomorrow morning. And I actually washed the car today — first time ever!

I was daydreaming that I had a flux capacitor on my car as I poured two quarts of oil into it this morning, and I could just toss the plastic quart containers that are made of petroleum right into it — right there on the hood, like a blower on a muscle car (which I also daydream about)… Imagine Mad Max meets Back to the Future meets that Japanese guy who apparently has invented a device to turn plastic back into oil…

Please, skip ahead to the 4:00 mark on this next one to avoid all of the violence.
If you don’t have young children around you could watch the build up to the speech by Lord Humongous (it’s really quite good) as it does seem to parallel the way our world works with all of the symbolism and what not and multi-national greed and aspirations of power and general decline of life as we know it…

I used to work in a kitchen, as the saute cook on the weekends. It was a small kitchen, not much room, but we sure did get busy on the weekends and we had the best burger in the entire state.

And one of the best grill cooks I have ever had the pleasure to know.

He sure was a pain in the ass to work with sometimes, despite his endearing personality, so I would mess with his head when he was getting buried and I had nothing else to do…

In a high falsetto voice I would ask him, “Who run grill?”

Then I would do my Tina Turner Beyond Thunder Dome Impersonation: “MasterBlaster runs grill!”

And despite how incredibly busy he was, he would laugh, shaking his head.

Connections. I guess that’s what this latest blog post is about — connections…

Who do you know? Have you made someone laugh today?

If not, there is always tomorrow…



  1. I’m thinking that you watched the Sustainability Academy Video – if not check it out at:

    Awesome blog, David

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