Posted by: David McKay | February 16, 2011

What procrastination gets you…

Yep.  Trying to write a Master’s thesis.

Yep.  I got writer’s block.

That’s what I am calling it at the moment — it’s had quite a few names, some I won’t repeat…  I keep threatening the world in general that I am dropping out of school, but I keep plugging away at it.  There’s some sort of sick, twisted differentiated instruction going on here, somehow, with some scaffolding thrown in as if I am in a constant state of disrepair, or maybe it’s renovation.

Somewhere in there you will find me…

Between bursts of inspiration for that thesis, I find myself over here — such a worthy distraction from getting things done.

I realized after a year of not getting single-use plastic grocery bags at the store how very easy that was to do.  And I threw the plastic water bottles in there free of charge.


There is still a lot of plastic in my life.  But I have turned the tide on the procrastination and the plastic is becoming less…

It feels good, to think critically about all of the aspects of life.  It is not easy.  Nobody ever said life was easy.  But you know what?  Life isn’t easy.  And you know what else?  Life is worth making better.

I am working on defining words as I write this thesis.  Words like “literacy” and “identity.”  I think I will throw “quality” in there just for the hell of it.  What about “better?”

How about “progress?”  How do you define that word?

How about “responsible?”  It’s part of the name of this blog.  What do I consider myself responsible for?  Do I reach a certain limit, a quota, and say, “I’m done being responsible?”

I think this is a good question to ask yourself.  What are you responsible for?  And if you’re not responsible for it — the Earth, for example — then who is?

Just sayin’.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.


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