Posted by: David McKay | October 31, 2010

The Ripple Effect.

A pebble is dropped in a pond.  Never heard that one before.

Alright, how about this:

I am in a card game at the Tulalip Casino just north of Seattle — A Texas Hold ’em Tournament, $50 buy-in, somewhere around two hundred people.  The game begins.  I hold my own for a while and after a bit, I get moved to another table.  Would you know it — I get sat just to the right of Baker, one of the five guys I’d come from the city with to play cards.

I have been in a weekly card game with this guy for a couple of years, and this is where I end up?  Out of two hundred people?

This is what I did: I ducked my head, let him play his game, and then when he got knocked out, I raised my head, looked around and said, “Let’s play some cards!”

So, what’s the point, you ask?

The point is, I knew that my friend would play his style, his game.  Hell, I sat there and watched him do it.  And I knew that if he overextended himself, as he was wont to do, the rest of the table would take him down.  And they did.  I watched the ripple.

But for me to come in sixth out of two hundred players?  How does that happen?

I know when to pick my time, and I know when to bide my time.

A card game is easy.  It happens one person at a time.  Card games have simple rules.

Life is not so simple.  But life is still dealt with one person at a time.

And as such, we affect the people that we interact with.  We do.  Just by being alive.

Again — so, what’s the point?  The ripple.  Yes, ripple!  Stretch!  Dive!  Jump in!  Both feet!  That’s the point!

Make something happen!

The poets, the dreamers.

The artists.

The writers and sculptors.

The teachers.

What is it that we live for?

Ah ha — there’s a good question to start a ripple. . .

I started a ripple with this blog, talking about my life with plastics.  Am I just one pebble?  Perhaps instead of being a pebble, I am a drop of rain, and the storm is on the way. . .

Relearn.  Realize.  Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.


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