Posted by: David McKay | October 3, 2010

R is for. . .

What do they say?

Recycle.  That’s the one they like best, right?

I’ve got mine: Rethink.

Actually, I have a few: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse.

Well, there’s more.  How about, “Relearn?”

That would be a good one for the economy.  Hell, that one might even be good for the world.  So, Relearn goes on the list.

Here’s one: Respect.

That gets bumped to the top of the list.  Don’t just respect this and that and what they tell you to.  Respect everything.  Be kaitiaki.  Click on that word.  That link tells you the meaning of that word, and more:


The word tiaki is the basis of the longer word kaitiakitanga. Tiaki means to guard. It also means to preserve, foster, protect and shelter. So, notions of care and protection are at the heart of kaitiakitanga, and give it its conservation ethic.

What it boils down to is this:  I have to go to sleep to wake up to student teach a bunch of ten and eleven year olds.  So, I need to make my point.

My point is this, and I leave it in the form of a question (I like questions — they solicit answers, and answers usually generate solutions, don’t they?):

What do you Respect?  Exactly.  What?  Tell me.  If it’s not everything, then why not?  Why not everything?

There are many Rs:

Respect, Relearn, Rethink.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse.

There are many letters:

A is for. . .


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