Posted by: David McKay | August 10, 2010

It is getting ridiculous. . .

My attempt to control the amount of plastic in my life has become ridiculous.

Everywhere (and I mean everywhere) I turn — there is plastic.  Everywhere.  Everywhere.  Everywhere.

I repeat.  Read it again.  Say it again.


I play with language.  The period (.) means something.  It makes a statement.  Read the second sentence of this piece again.  Pause with each period.  I repeat. . .


I challenge you to start noticing.

That’s all — just start noticing.

And then challenge others.

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.



  1. yup its crazy. ..and it really is everywhere – I have just realised much paper and cardboard is plasticised.

  2. David

    A really good blog here, written by someone who has energy and commitment. Thank you. is there any way I can add my name as a follower?

  3. John,
    Thanks for noticing. I now have a subscription link and a RSS feed link. And when you leave a comment, if you sign yourself in with the link to your blog (your blog address is you), people will be able to find you. For example, if you scroll down to my post “Nobody ever said it was easy” and click on the comments link, you will see that Sara Bayles has her name linked to her blog, The Daily Ocean (one of my favorites, by the way). Try to figure that out — good luck!

  4. Heya. Just found you via Twitter search on plastic pollution. I love this post. You’re right, the first step is just to start noticing. It’s what I did months back on the beach. I’ve been going every week since then, picking up what I find, trying to learn where it’s come from, and posting about it. Would love if you had time to check out the site: Keep up the great work!

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