Posted by: David McKay | July 6, 2010

Nobody ever said it was easy.

Again, I feel the need to say something, anything, about the plastic problem.

My coworkers all know now that I do not want plastic in my life.  My family is learning that as well.  My personal issue is just how far do I go with this?  How far are we, as a species, willing to go with this?  Is it possible to move beyond plastics?  Is somebody working on the solution to this pollution issue that plastic has created?

The people that work at the stores that I go to know that I don’t want plastic.  I tell them.  I bought a piece of fish at the Shaw’s up the hill last night.  Just buying the fish presented it’s own set of issues.  Was the fish from a sustainable stock?  How was it caught?  How far did it have to travel to get to central Vermont?  So, I get a piece of fish that I feel good about eating (it was delicious), wrapped in wax paper and thrust into a plastic bag!

“I don’t need a plastic bag,” I immediately say.  Immediately.  It has become a knee-jerk reaction.

I take what I am doing in stride.  I have to.  Otherwise I would go crazy.  Not going to do that.  We all do that, to some degree or another.  It’s called finding balance.  You are doing it right now by taking the time to read this, to take this moment and fit it into the rest of your life.  You are doing it with deliberate decision.  The more you put into your life, the more you fully live it.  If you are truly cognizant of your life, every moment is fully lived.  It’s not easy.

Nobody ever said it was easy.

But, in all honesty, do you have something better to do with your life than to fully live it?

Take it all with a grain of salt.  Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread.  Go easy.  Do not panic.

Responsibility is not convenient — it’s necessary.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.



  1. hi I have been boycotting plastic for three years now – you can find a list of my plastic free alternatives here –

  2. hi david –

    put up a bit about your blog in my post today — day 134 — thanks for your message on the daily ocean recently. good to keep each other inspired.

    keep it up!

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