Posted by: David McKay | April 3, 2010

Defining Plastic:

A co-worker had a premature baby just about a year ago.  He said she would not be alive today if it were not for plastic.  There were tubes involved. . .

She is the cutest little baby I have ever seen.  She is alive, and smiling.


And she deserves to inherit a world that is as beautiful as she is.

There are responsible uses for plastic.  And there are irresponsible uses for plastic.  And there is so much plastic!

Think for a Change.

The people over at are helping to bring to the forefront the incredible need to consider more fully just what you do to impact the world.

It’s the only world we have.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.

And, seriously, do you really need a frickin’ stir straw in your damned drink?

Consider becoming more responsible about the little details in your life and just how much plastic plays its part.  Does there have to be so much plastic in your life?

Listen — the knobs on my Marshall guitar amp are plastic, and I love them.  Yeah!  Plug in and get loud! My tool box is plastic.  The electic drill that my mom bought me for a birthday present twenty years ago is made with plastic.

But I am decreasing the plastic in my life;

I have to — it is imperative.



  1. I made a similar resolution for this year. Small steps, but we’re working on it. (Saw your link via Twitter. Will look for future posts.) With aloha, Cynthia (@Cynthia_Hoskins)

  2. Hello from the Plastic Patrol,

    The Plastic Patrol, was created by kids! Kids that want to save the oceans!

    Merit Leighton 7 & Marlowe Peyton 5- The two girls were greatly effected by Oprah’s Earth Day show. They felt that they just had to do something to help save the oceans.

    Merit and Marlowe are very passionate about helping their planet and proactive about plastic and recycling. With their own money from acting, they are acting on their dream to help save the oceans by motivating kids everywhere to do the same!

    They created “The Plastic Patrol” in order to begin their global effort to make a difference one kid at a time!

    We are adding a link to your site, maybe we can work together to get kids empowered and involved in this issue!

    Thank you for your time,

    The Plastic Patrol

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