Posted by: David McKay | April 2, 2010

Think for a change.

I wanted to call this blog “Think For A Change” but someone had already taken that phrase.

I have a sticker on my bicycle that I can see if I look straight down as I am riding it.  Centered.  Balanced.  It says, “Think For A Change.”  Depending upon which syllable you stress, which word — will determine the meaning.  Say it a few times — you’ll see.

Whichever way you say it, if you say it while riding a bicycle, you say it while centered, while balanced.

I want to add a couple of more rules.

The first two rules are:

1: Be more conscious.  2: Don’t end up in a padded room by taking on everything all at once.

Rule #3: Think for a change.

Rule #4: Find balance.

We are not centered, as a people, as a species, as a piece, I think.  What is the purpose of producing the massive amounts of shit that we are producing?  And why are we not thinking about it?  Really thinking about it?

I am applying these rules to my attempt to come to terms with plastic.  What a crazy world, that I have to say such a thing.  But it feels pretty good that I am thinking for a change.

The true cost we are just now beginning to comprehend.  “American industry’s thirst for water,” for example, in a new study that you can read about at


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