Posted by: David McKay | April 1, 2010

Defining plastics

What are plastics?

For me, plastic equals oil.

The cost of what it takes to produce plastic in this day and age is not commonly known.  The average consumer does not even consider the true costs.

“Although drinking water may seem like a healthy choice, single-use plastic water bottles are not such a healthy choice for the planet. For one thing, the production and transportation of plastic water bottles uses significantly more water than the bottle contains. According to one study, a 1-liter water bottle uses 6.74 gallons of water in its production and transportation (and that only includes getting the water to the United States, not distributing it within the country). In addition, the production and distribution of that single bottle of water uses a liter of fossil fuel and is responsible for the emission of 1.2 lb. of greenhouse gases. Switching to a reusable water bottle is an easy way to reduce your impact on the earth” ~ from the website

I cannot verify the study where these numbers were pulled from.  I will continue to research the true costs of plastic production.

Here are some more facts from Umbra over at Grist.  Again — the source for the facts is not cited.

Irregardless, plastics equals oil.

When I hear our government crying about our dependence on foreign oil, I have to wonder if they might want to consider banning the use of plastic bags,

the way Dharamsala, India has,

or the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.

“On Saturday May 3rd 2008 the historical market town of Aylsham in Norfolk became ‘Plastic Bag Free’, the first town in Norfolk.”

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.


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