Posted by: David McKay | March 31, 2010

How to start tackling the issue of Plastic in my life

I am trying to figure out just how to make this blog work — voicing my opinions can sometimes get me all riled up, and I want to make sure I only offend the people I intentionally wish to offend.

I suppose this blog is about my life, and just how I am dealing with plastics.  Would I be hypocritical if I told you that I love my macbook, but hate the packaging on virtually everything in the grocery store?

I need to establish some rules.

This is trial and error, as most things in life are, so bear with me.

Rule #1: Be more conscious.

That’s a good start.

Rule #2: Don’t end up in a padded room by taking on everything all at once.

It’s a big, crazy world, and making a major shift in the way I think about it will take some time.

I think that’s enough rules for the moment.

Rethink.  Refuse.  Reduce.  Reuse.



  1. I like the rules. Even I can handle those. Bought a re-useable travel mug. Been using my t-shirt bags. Ran out of plastic wrap and decided not to replace it. Ran out of garbage bags but….probably will replace those.

  2. When I started my own plastic-free project in June of 2007, I started slowly, step by step eliminating disposable plastic. I used up what I already had and found alternatives as I went along. My goal was to buy no new plastic. So as far as technology is concerned, I try to buy used as much as possible, and to resist the temptation to upgrade each year.

    And yes, like you, my ultimate goal was, and is, mindful consumption. Paying attention. Taking care.


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